From Sports to Fashion, History of Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jacket has now become a part of fashion for the youngsters. The students from schools and colleges in the United States wear the varsity jacket as a part of rich tradition to represent school team pride as well as to display personal awards provided to students for different sports, educational accomplishments and other extracurricular activities.

Varsity jacket has become a symbol of American culture. The tradition of wearing the Varsity Jacket has its roots back in best university of the world, the Harvard University. In American educational institutions, give the highest priority to education and sports as well. Because sports make the body and mind healthy. The sports inculcate a sense of patriotism among students of schools and universities. There was further need to identify the best athletes from different schools and universities for their best performance. The best sportsman used the emblem and a letter designed on the first varsity jacket. Formerly it was named as letterman Jacket, because a letter was rewarded the best athlete for his performance.  This letter was usually the first alphabet of the University or the school name. It was used for both genders, whether male or female.

So varsity jacket become the proud symbol of team spirit for a common American boy who concerned about his school and social community. The boy who never wore the varsity jacket would be considered as the inhabitant of the foreign culture. It reminds about the golden memories of your school and university days.


In the beginning, it was considered only the sports jacket. It is considered as a part of cultural history, more than 150 years. It would be impossible to credit to any single reason for its popularity and success.

In the year, 1865 in Harvard baseball team was searching for recognizing the achievements of their best players. An anonymous hero came up with the concept of stitching the English letter "H" on the sports teams’ uniforms. It had been the first letter of the name of the academic institution that’s ‘Harvard University’. The uniforms with embroidered letter “H” know as lettermen Jacket were distributed among the players who have played well in the most important games of the year. Players, who could not participate in games for the whole year, have to return the jacket. The letter "H" was decorated on their gray shirts of the star players.

Varsity as a Sport Accolade
Many different sports like soccer, baseball, softball had started adopting the varsity Jackets as accolade. The best performers of variety of games were rewarded the varsity jackets. All different sports players like golf, football, game and lawn tennis players get varsity jackets for his or her best performance. Best athletes were honored for his or her accomplishments in different games.
Many other sports such as football, baseball, softball had begun to take the varsity Jackets. All other best players of golf, soccer and tennis also receive varsity Jackets for better performance. The best athletes were honored for their achievements in the game, the stylish fashion jacket.

In 1875, the football team started using the embroidered letter "H" in their jackets. For twenty-five years, it remains a rich tradition of the legend of sports teams for their better performance in the most important games. At the end of the 80’s, the varsity jackets were used by other sports as well; basketball teams and football, both influenced the development of the fashion culture of the 80s and early 90s.

Fashion Style Varsity Jackets
With the introduction of Luxe sweeter in recent years, varsity jacket entered the gray zone between street fashion and high fashion.
To combat declining sales, the industry decided to offer custom varsity jackets to new customers in the market who want to show their awards and achievements in school. Varsity jacket is offering a room pretty little customization and expert designers play well with the colors and materials to create a jacket for all. The Varsity Jacket is slowly becoming enamored of the common man.

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