Types of Custom Embroidered Patches on Varsity Jackets

Varsity Letterman Jacket Patches
Varsity jackets can be customized with variety of patches. In general, your school or college will stick on one particular style or mode of putting on patches to represent their own unique identity. Most patches will be handed out to the students during an awards ceremony. There are several patches that are considered typical across the board and are likely to be found on most letterman jackets.

BERG International has been making the finest top quality athletic varsity Letterman jackets for over 10 years. All of our award jackets feature premium wool fabrics and genuine cowhide leathers. Our Letterman jackets are affordable, high quality and fit all. The best part is that you can choose the design of our collection and personalize it. You can add your badges, embroidered logo, school name or letters, numbers. You can get your personalized jacket with different embroidery and printing options

Chenille Embroidery Patches:
Varsity jackets are decorated with the variety of Chenille Patches. Chenille Patches are manufactured using a unique process which ensures the longevity of the product. There are many ways a person can use chenille name patches. One common use of these patches is to adorn a varsity jacket to represent an achievement or Identity related to school, college, university, and organisation. School or organization club membership can also be represented using these patches on varsity jackets.

A chenille letter, also known as an award letter or varsity letter, awarded to show spirit and achievement. With thousands of font, color, and felt options, you can design an award letter according to your personality.

Embroidered Patches:
Embroidered patches are a great way to make your logo without wrinkles.

There are the varieties of custom patches. The choice of embroider patches for your varsity jacket will have a strong combination of detailing, contrast, and texture. You can decorate your varsity jacket back with an embroidered patch. You can have patch to be an iron on patch, sew on patch, adhesive patch, we can do it all when it comes to custom patches.
Our custom embroidered patches are the perfect addition to your varsity jacket. At BERGS rest assure to find the product for which you are searching.

Felt Patches:
Felt patches have a raised, fuzzy appearance and are sewn onto felt backgrounds. They are embroidered with heavy yarns such as wool, cotton.

No matter the sport, or the letters, felt patches will give you the traditional look expected of varsity Jacket patches. Patches for letterman represent featuring the academic year number, school name first letter, team player number, team name, championship awards, and the like.

Direct Embroidery:
We deliver finest quality embroidery art work using direct embroidery on Varsity Jackets to maintain highest quality work every time.

Let us design and manufacture your Team or club patches; we handle all orders big and small. Contact us for wholesale varsity jackets with various color combinations as well as to design your own jacket. We also do private labeling on demand.

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